The Project

Omega Runner is a world, a story, and a brand.
Here on Omega, it’s the fastest - not the strongest - who thrive.
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Omega Runner is a joint venture project created by Clubhouse Pictures and Metaversal Venture Studios (closed $50mil Series A in Dec 2021).

The individuals behind Omega Runner include Clubhouse Pictures’ Bryan Unkeless (Co-Producer of The Hunger Games), Bryce Anderson (Creative Development for Mad Max: Fury Road), as well as Blaise Hemingway (Screenwriter Vampires vs. The Bronx) and Cedric Nicolas-Troyan (Director KATE and The Huntsman: Winter’s War).

Metaversal and Clubhouse come together under the shared vision for a ‘Media3’ franchise, where new IP is created and distributed by putting the community first.

Run with us.
Metaversal + Clubhouse Pictures
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The Omega Runner Collection consists of 2D, high fidelity characters from the world of Omega that will stand the test of time. Each Runner is a key to the Omega universe, providing full access to our Media3-ecosystem as we curate unique experiences in the digital and physical world.

Omega Runner characters will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain and utilize layer zero technology.
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The Omega Race speeds through every nation on the planet Omega, winding through forests and jungles, deserts and swamps, mountains and canyons for 21 grueling days. The price Runners pay is high: most will never cross the finish line, many will die, but the winner will get to rule all of Omega.

Omega Runner is creating a Media3 storytelling universe so that holders can run the race alongside us. As we expand our brand, the team will co-create new virtual landscapes with our community, and build ancillary avenues to grow the IP far beyond what the world of web3 has seen before.
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In a world where speed is the currency of power, the 1ED community gets access to Omega faster than anyone else.

In June 2022, Runners all over the world purchased the first 1,000 copies of RUNNER comic Issue #1. By doing so, they became First Edition (1ED) NFT holders.

1ED perks include first access to the Writers’ Room with Blaise and company, to all comic releases, and to future lore related alpha and activations.