The World [soon]Comic


The World [soon]Comic

The Project

Here on Omega, it's the fastest - not the strongest - who thrive.
The winner of the Omega Race controls the fate of the world.
Join the revolution. Choose your nation... Get your Runner... and race like your life depends on it.
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The limited edition comic is your key to the NFT and your first dip into the Omega universe. Every purchaser of the physical comic will earn an Allow List slot for the PFP drop.

The story launches you into the Omega Race: a contest for power, control, and survival on Planet Omega. Ozi, our first hero, enters as the ultimate underdog looking for an edge…

Many heroes are coming, and Ozi’s isn’t the only story we’re telling.

RUNNER is Written by Blaise Hemingway, with Art by Fabrizio Cosentino.
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RUNNER is a PFP collection of 10,000 unique Omega characters.

The first 5,000 PFPs are reserved for collectors who own a RUNNER comic. The other 5,000 Allow List slots will be selected through a randomizer. Winners will be announced on Discord.
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The Omega Race speeds through every nation on the planet Omega, winding through forests and jungles, deserts and swamps, mountains and canyons for 21 grueling days. Some regions have endless days, others endless nights. The price Runners pay is high: most will never cross the finish line, many will die, but the winner will get to rule all of Omega.
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Hollywood is a big industry, but it's a small town. Everyone knows who runs the race, and runs it well. We've proven ourselves by bringing you the Hunger Games, Birds of Prey, Kate, I,Tonya, and more. We have a reputation to uphold, and we're not f*cking around.

Run with us.
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1st Edition NFT

// Claim Window Now Closed //

In a world where speed is the currency of power, the 1ED community gets access to Omega faster than anyone else.

In June 2022, RUNNERs all over the world purchased the first 1,000 copies of RUNNER Issue #1. By doing so, they became eligible to claim the First Edition (1ED) NFT, and OG status on Omega.

1ED perks include a holders-only Discord channel with analyst insights and deep dives, office hours with the creators, writer’s rooms, early access to the Leaderboard, priority listing for all future drops, exclusive drops, events, and partner perks like the Internet Game.